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About Us

Perfect Dental, Inc. is committed to provide a community of healthy people by providing the finest possible dentistry. Perfect Dental, Inc. provides every patient with excellent dental services and dentistry information. Your perfect smiles can be counted on us. We do our best to make you feel comfortable, in our relaxed state-of-art contemporary facility.

Perfect Dental, Inc. realize that some people are anxious about a visit to the dentist, so we do our best to make you feel comfortable, in our relaxed contemporary facility. From the smallest filling to solving complex dental problems, you always find a sympathetic ear and expertise skills. We start by getting to know you and helping you overcome any worries you may have about dental care. Our aim is to discover your particular personal dental needs and to help you keep all your teeth, and ultimately, your perfect smiles.



Dr. Cheng Po Feng, DDS


Dr. Feng is the specialist of oral maxillofacial surgery in Taiwan for 17 years, and has over 30+ years of senior dentistry experiences. Dr. Feng founded the Perfect Dental and opened the door to serve the bay area community since 2005, now including South bay Cupertino, and East bay San Ramon.


  • Dental School (DDS) of National Defense of Medical Center in Taiwan

  • UCLA Research Dentist

  • Member of American Dental Association

  • Member of California Dental Association

  • Former Director of Perfect Dental Clinic in Taiwan

  • Former Director of Gan-Ann Dental Clinic in Taiwan

  • Former Dr. of Oromaxillofacial Surgery in Taiwan 803 General Army Hospital

  • Former Resident and General Dr. in Taichung General Army Hospital in Taiwan

  • Former Chief Resident of Oromaxillofacial Surgery in VGHTC


"Our mission is to dedicate our dentistry specialties with advanced state-of art dentistry equipments in a clean, contemporary, and comfortable treatment environment. Our entire Perfect Dental team members are committed to create you and your families perfect smiles for every visit." ~ Dr. Cheng Po Feng

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